Wrist Pain
Help alleviate wrist pain with a patch that fits to your wrist.
This TheraDerm headache patch may temporarily relieve tension associated with headaches
Hormonal Balance
The all-natural regulation of hormones for establishing a physiological balance for women...
 Heart Disease
Blood pressure and cholesterol levels too high? Our all-natural solution may be your answer...

Manna Omni International

Manna Omni International, Inc. has been providing health professionals with alternative health solutions for over 20 years. Our team of doctors has extensive experience with clinical care, and from their knowledge and expertise, has developed unique modalities, combining traditional remedies with the latest technology.

Alternative Medicine Solutions

We believe that disease doesn't exist on a laboratory slide: It exists within the context of the individual and his or her particular life. No two people experience disease in quite the same way. Our goal is to help people discover what is best for them. Our company represents a total integration of all forms of health care.

Our Products

TheraDerm Pain-Relieving Patches

TheraDerm Pain-Relieving Patches
Temporarily relieves pain associated with joints and muscles. Contains 5 patches.

Essential Balance

A mix of bupleurum and peony herbs that may balance the hormones in the body. Contains 120 tablets.

TheraDerm Pain-Relieving Spray

Temporarily relieves minor pain associated with joints and muscles. Comes in a 100mL spray bottle.

Joint Support

Replenishes the joints with glucosamine that may increase joint flexibility and movement. Contains 90 tablets.


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